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The Best Lake In West Java Bagendit Lake

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Bagendit lake located in the village Bagendit, Banyuresmi Garut regency, West Java, Indonesia. Bagendit lake is a natural tourist attraction of lakes with administrative boundaries on the north by the Village Banyuresmi, in the south by the Village Cipicung, on the east by the Village Binakarya, and the west by the Village Sukamukti.

Activities that can be done at Lake Bagendit include enjoying the scenery, surrounding the lake by boat or raft. Visitors can also make family recreational activities, enjoy the scenery and water cycling activities.

Attraction is managed by Mr. Ajan Sobari with ownership in the hands of local governments whose authority is delegated to the Department of Tourism and Culture Garut and the private sector, Mr. Adang Kurnia.Objects and natural attractions Lake Bagendit environmental quality, cleanliness, and landscape in good condition. The buildings are in the area, either permanently or semi-permanently, in well-preserved condition.

Facilities available in this area, those rental rates 60 rafts with 25.000 / 15 min, 11 pieces of water bikes at the rate of 10,000 / 15 minutes in good conditions. There are also several park benches and 6 pieces of shelter that are rented to visitors at a price of IDR 3,000 / hour. There is also a mini train Rp.2.000 rates and the pool area of the lake this Bagendit. The atmosphere in the region this attraction is quite comfortable because its construction is already planned by the department of tourism.

accessibilityDistance to the tourist area of Lake Bagendit this from Garut city center is 4 km. There is a public transport terminal in the form of the public transportation department and Garut Guntur-Kp.Mengger-Limbangan with Rp.1.500 rates.

Potential InterestBagendit lake has a very attractive tourist potential against a backdrop of towering mountains. In this lake, there are several rafts with a roof made of bamboo and a seat that is colorful, which at any time is always ready to deliver visitors to browse around the lake. Not only there is a raft, a few small pieces of swan-shaped boats and canoes are also available for visitors who want to enjoy a more exclusive atmosphere of the lake.

Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for the traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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