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Klayar Beach Beautiful Beach In East Java Indonesia

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Klayar Beach

Klayar beach is one beach in East Java, which is very beautiful. Its popularity is not yet as famous Kuta beach in Bali or Pangandaran beach in west Java. But in general, this beach has been well known among the people of East Java as one of the attractive coastal tourist destinations.

Coastal cliffs and rocks in Pacitan Klayar

Klayar charm charming panorama of the beach this is a viable thing you put in your travel plans. But please note that access to the beach is somewhat less easy. If you visit the beach Klayar Pacitan, you will find a number of parts of the road not baikl as a whole as well as some parts are damaged.In addition, you also have to pass through the winding streets and up and down, a thing that requires you to be more careful in driving.

Travellers Beach Pacitan Klayar

In a typical day, you probably will only see the local fishermen activities on the beach Pacitan this one. But when the holidays, beach Klayar is one of the favorite domestic tourists visited, some of which are foreign tourists.Arriving at the beach Klayar, you can see two rocks as high as a coconut tree on the east side of the beach. Coral beach that is the icon Klayar Pacitan. On the back of the reef, there are other corals withstand the brunt of the southern ocean waves. One thing that is interesting, among rocks tersebuat there is a giant rock can be said to be similar to tourist attractions Tanah Lot in Bali.

Place of interest Klayar Beach Pacitan

Klayar beach has a lot of cliffs and some of the holes by the brunt of the waves, also jejaran tree head in the coastal region. One thing to remember is you are not allowed to swim at this beach given the relatively large waves and the many cliffs.

Charm Klayar beach in Pacitan

Klayar on the beach, you can find a unique thing, namely flute ocean. This ocean flute is a term for the phenomenon where there are existing basin at the bottom of cliffs or rocks on the beach. Currently this basin hit by the waves of the sea, the sea water out gushes to the surface through the sidelines rocky and produce a beautiful sound like the sound of the flute.A unique thing is you can find a statue that resembles the shape of the Sphinx as it existed in Egypt. This uniqueness is formed due to the many high cliffs in the coastal region Klayar that when viewed from a distance, offering views like the Sphinx. You can of course climb this cliff, but it should keep the safety precautions to remember the cliff is quite steep and high.If you glanced westward from the coast Klayar, there is a bigger cliffs and towering to a height reaching up to 50 meters. This cliff is one cluster of coral in coastal resorts Klayar PacitanKlayar on the beach, you can witness the phenomenon in which the brunt of the waves hitting the rocks will create an even fountain height reaches 10 meters. This beautiful scenery is the result of strong bursts of sea water that goes through the bottom of the rocks.

The fountain at the beach Klayar

You can also watch some local residents to climb a coconut tree to take up water deresan. This water will then be used as a raw material for the manufacture of sugar. Water that has a sweet taste is called a “legend”, you can taste it on the beach Klayar.Arrived at dusk, sunset on the beach Klayar Pacitan is a charming one. As far as the eye could see the horizon, you will find a beautiful beach panorama treat with a natural feel that is so thick.Here is the map that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy the best place in indonesia, the best destination in indonesia, the best trip for traveler and the best for your vacation and holiday in indonesia.

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