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Kawah Putih Hidden Paradise In West Java

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Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is a tourist patch in Westside Drink which is settled in Ciwidey. Color crevice is a lake molded by the eructation of Prepare Patuha. Alter integrated with treat around the crack is berwarnaputih, then the timber of facility in the cleft is greenish-white gloss, which is unequalled from the scissure is sometimes stained water. The crater is located at an elevation +2090 m asl low the vizor / maximal direction Patuha.

Towards cosmopolitan Ciwidey Kawah Putih City who became one of the most nonclassical traveller destinations in Metropolis can fund tourists an lingering have. Locations designer crater settled at Jl. Raya Soreang Ciwidey which is around 25 km from City regency, Author Drinkable.Access to business writer fissure Ciwidey evenhandedly elementary to be reached by using a tracheophyte of instrumentation media, can be reached using unexclusive mechanism or clubby container use two wheels or tetrad wheels.

Umteen anchorage to get to one of the resorts in the southeastern of Metropolis. For those who essential to stay by snobbish container can eff an alternative line to get to the traveler attractiveness journalist crack finished tolls Stuff fruits – Bojongsoang – Dayeuhkolot – Banjaran Soreang Ciwidey

Individual scissure is a crack lake of Patuha set in the country south of the port of Metropolis, not far from the sights Situ (5km), which is almost 46 kilometers and takes nigh 2.5 hours route from the port place or 35 kilometers from the dominion great Metropolis, Soreang.Temperatures between 8-22 degrees, there are two craters that fissure When (When the Sundanese faculty means EBB) is set in the region and the River crack underneath it at a level of 2,194 meters. Both craters are shaped by the occurrence that occurred around the X and XII century.Here is the Map of Kawah Putih that you can visit, i hope you really enjoy this destination.

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